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Starch Sugar Syrups have come as a huge relief in present age as limiting glucose consumption is a growing concern for many people. It has been found that we take an average intake of 20 teaspoons of sugar in one day from complex carbohydrates as rice, bread or pasta, fruits and vegetables and from cookies and candies. And we have to pay for the alluring sweet taste of sugar with our health that becomes prone to diabetes and other diseases. Starch Sugar Syrups bring us a desirable solution from this situation and we can enjoy both good taste and health. Derived from starches of maize, potatoes, rice, barley and wheat and more, these Starch Sugar Syrups are low in glycemic index and possess quite less amount of calorie compared to other regular sugar sources. Starches are basically chemically bound clusters of sugar molecules found in plants and these starch molecules can be broken down into sugar with help of enzymes. This intermediate process is known as saccharification that goes on to produce Starch Sugar Syrups. In fact, Starch Sugar Syrups are simply a consequence of transformation of starch into sugar components that are extracted from maltose, glucose and complex carbohydrates of many different plants, grains and cereals. Interestingly, Starch Sugar Syrups are half as sweet as white sugar that comes from the sugar beets or sugar cane and they can replace the sugar in any food or beverages. Generally, in recipes, three-fourths amount of Starch Sugar Syrups is substituted for the recommended amount of sugar, provided the amount of other liquids is reduced too to maintain the consistency of the food. Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Rice Syrup and Maltose Syrup are some of the most common examples of Starch Sugar Syrups. The advantages of Starch Sugar Syrups can be better understood if we analyze the integration and qualities of corn syrups or liquid glucose Corn syrups are purified concentrated aqueous solution of polysaccharides obtained from partial (controlled) hydrolysis of maize starch. Maize starch is used as an antigen and a chemical catalyst and works as binding agent, source of energy, stabilizer & structural supporter. Naturally, the Starch Sugar Syrups extracted from maize starch reflect its physical properties and are composed of various carbohydrates, dextrose, maltose and higher-polysaccharides. On other hand, the solid, odorless white crystalline form of D-Glucose is a Monosaccharide produced by the complete hydrolysis of starch. For this reason, Starch Sugar Syrups have become a regular feature in kitchen shelves worldwide and in the ingredients list of food products as well.

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