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Sprouts are those magical organic food ingredients that are catching up fast with global platter. Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about the quantity and quality of their intake and hence prefer to have more fibrous and organic food for better health results. Hence, organic Sprouts find their way to our meals and provide a relief from the pale and tasteless foods that we settle down for a low-calorie count. Sprouts are basically newly born plants or freshly germinated seeds that are powerhouse of nutrition. This is because it is believed that once a seed sprouts, the sprout has more vitamins, mineral and nutrients than the seed itself. This notion is solidified by a 1997 study at John Hopkins University where it was scientifically proven that broccoli sprouts contain higher levels of cancer-fighting compounds than fresh broccoli itself. All sorts of organic Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fiber and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants. Further, organic Sprouts are abounding with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids too. Green lentils, alfalfa, radish, peas, fenugreek, red cabbage and garbanzo are some of the regular forms of organic Sprouts available in the market. However, the mung bean, better known as the ‘Chinese Bean Sprout’, is the most common sprout consumed all over the world.

The reason for overriding popularity of organic Sprouts is not just its nutritional values but easy production and availability too. They are a very efficient way of utilizing the minimum amount of space in order to produce the maximum of nutrients all year round. Sprouts are basically a consequence of the practice of soaking and sprouting seeds. The main requirements for successful sprouting are moisture, warmth, and in cases, some indirect sunlight. The soaked seeds are first drained and left in a moisturized environment until they germinate and begin to sprout. This kind of germination of organic Sprouts involving beans or seeds can be practiced at your home too. Thus, you don’t require going to the market and buying any expensive food packs. sprouts can be homegrown and the only precaution that you will have to take is to ensure that the seeds used for sprouting are collected from a plant that is nurtured organically. So, be it in salad dressings or a handful to munch raw, organic Sprouts are the best of the fresh organic goodies to pile up your plates.

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